love birds
Fantastisch gekleurde love birds zitten klaar om weg te vliegen op deze Franse lamp van Eliments I Love.

Elements i love is een unieke webshop, bijzonder blog én warenhuis waar ze bijzonder en “one of a kind” interieur items verkopen.

Elements i love… is a boutique store catering for those of you searching for something a little bit unique… a collection of mostly one off antique pieces chosen by my partner & I on our travels in France, Belgium and further afield places like India & Argentina. The larger scale pieces are all ‘for keeps’ we guarantee that they will last you a life time. We like to surround ourselves with pieces that are timeless, “informal antiques” that mix easily into today’s interiors. In store you will also find a personal selection of smaller hand-picked European home-wares – as well as the globally desirable ranges of wallpaper by NLXL  (Scrapwood & Brooklyn Tins) & French Bird lights and lamps. x brooke

love birds
love birds

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