Design by Us is a multidisciplinary design studio, specializing in total design solutions and offers complete interior concepts for both the residential and the commercial market. Through their imaginative and untraditional approach to interior concepts, products and furniture they have created their own design vocabulary.

A design team of energetic individuals are the force behind the company’s constant development. Here inspiration is derived from modern trends and personal values, which are used in their design schemes, along with a good dose of humour and curiosity, this has become a trademark for Design by Us’s unique designs.

Their line of furniture and products consists of tables, chairs and lighting, which are distributed by retailers all over Europe.

’”Are you ready for a new decade of fashion…ish’ ?”
– Rasmus Larsson, Design By Us

This month the Bellis lamp saw her first daylight….She came into this world with blood, sweat and tears….Yirks!


The Bellis Lamp Collection comes in different varieties and colors:

  • Wall lamp
  • Table lamp
  • Floor lamp
  • Pendant large ø320
  • Pendant small ø160
  • Colors: black, white and raw aluminium


Design recipe:
Classico2+Futurismo+New nordico3=Bellis lamp
(ex. Cl2+Fu+Nn3=Bl)


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